Preparing To Sell

10 Steps To Sell Your Home

1. Research agents. Ask your friends, family and neighbors if they have any recommendations. That’s a great place to start. Interview the agents to see what their qualifications are and what their plan is to sell your home. Trust your instincts. Choose the agent who not only most impresses you, but also someone you feel confident you will work well with.

2. Have your agent do a thorough analysis of the value of your home. They should not only run a comparative analysis of your home, but should be willing to go visit any active listings that are relevant to your sale price.

3. Your agent should provide you with a net sheet so you can see not only the potential sale price of your home, but also so you can plan for all the sales costs in advance and are prepared for your actual bottom line.

4. Start a “to do” list with your agent. Walk your property and work on your list room-by-room and in the yard/property.

5. Get recommendations from your agent or friends/family/neighbors for contractors to help you get things done.

6. Set a realistic time frame based on when you want to move and the work you need to do to get ready.

7. Discuss staging with your agent. Staging the home is critical to the success of your marketing the property by making the best first impression.

8. Once your property is ready for professional photos, make sure your agent is doing some “Coming Soon” marketing on your home, as well as contacting agents in the neighborhood to get word of mouth started.

9. Start some packing to clear out spaces and streamline the process.

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