I cannot say enough great things about working with Sunday as my realtor. I have worked with her on 3 purchases and 4 listings now. I am a general contractor and decided to start flipping houses and I knew Sunday would be my best asset in finding properties with huge upside potential. It takes a lot of hard work to scour hundreds of potential houses…not only looking up listings all over San Diego County, but also doing a lot of math to advise me on what budget we should stay within to maximize profits. She knows what upgrades have the best return on investment and what we can leave alone so we don’t over spend. She has good referrals if I need additional help, and I can trust her judgment. So far, we have made even more than I thought possible on our properties. She found just the right places, strategized very precisely on how to put together the offers to make sure we got the houses in competing situations. Then her marketing and staging when we went to sell was top-notch. When listing a property, Sunday has a pricing strategy that draws in multiple offers all over asking price, and makes buyers compete for my properties. That ends up with an awesome bottom line and some really great terms. I had flipped one time in the past with another agent and ended up in the red, so I know the value she brings. She’s really sharp with numbers and if you follow her advice, you won’t be disappointed! Hire this savvy agent and you will come out ahead – as either a buyer or seller.

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