Chris A.

Sunday did an outstanding job for us under pressure – we were on a very tight schedule and she handled the various twists and turns gracefully. She always gives you the impression that she’s handling your business with the care that she would her own family. The extra discretion where needed and personal touches really made the experience less stressful – it let us complete the sale after we were out of town with confidence.

Professional and detail oriented, yet a pleasure to work with, she’s also using technology as it should be used. She’ll help you get closer to the paperless office if that’s what you want – I know I was happy to have less stacks of paper that doesn’t fit in your folders or file cabinets stacking up. She has a nice team assembled too – from the repair people to the number crunchers, all were class acts.

Her skills include: strong negotiating – she had a good sense of balancing aggressiveness and knowing when to let the other side “fall on it’s sword”; home presentation – you’ll learn some of her amazing “nearly photoshop-amazing” tricks of the trade; and respectful experienced guidance – she’ll share her strong opinions, but always makes sure she ends up following your vision of how the deal will go through.

Honestly, I wish she was here representing us on our next house – but, we’ll see her when we come back to San Diego some day if Cali gets it’s act together!

The 5 star yelp description: “Woohoo! As good as it gets!” – there’s an inside deja vu joke for Sunday in there somewhere…

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