My name is Diana Fu. I have been working with Sunday for the last 3 year. She has found several properties for me. I really enjoy working with her. She is very professional, organized and knowledgeable. I always feel like I am her only client though she has many other as you can see. Due to her efficiency, I can often see many properties in one afternoon rather than dragging it out for several days. I also never have to spend unwanted time with driving around town and not knowing what to expect. She often helps me focus and figure out what I want before I really know. I trust her and her judgment with regards to property value, rental value, neighborhoods. So far she has not let me down when I listen to her counsel. She has also helped through some short sale situations which is difficult to navigate but she handled it beautifully with little extra work from me. When I do call for updates, she is always already working on the next step.

I know she works hard for me and tries to save me money if she can. I feel that she is not just an agent who is trying to find me a property and make money, but she is also looking out for my best interest. Again, increasing my trust in her.

I really do enjoy working with Sunday. I plan to rely on her in the future for more purchases. Highly recommend her for anyone who is ready to buy or even just wanting to figure out what he/she wants.

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