Jeff T.

The last time I bought a home was in early 2002. A lifetime away from the great recession and the resulting over-regulation of banks, and the impact of everyone’s fear of litigation.
Flash Forward to 2014, my wife and I entered the brave new world of real estate, and In just a mater of months, we sold a home and bought two; and in the process we worked with dozens of agents.
In 2002, the world was simple, the market was a sellers market, and the banks were giving money away. Today is a complex market with ebb’s and flows of demand, over regulation, inane legal and lending disclosures and inspection reports. After all, today when you get a loan you have to review and sign around 30 documents just to get the loan in process. This doesn’t even take into account the documentation of income, taxes, expenses, and if you had your molars removed as a teenager!
net net… you need an agent more than ever; and you need a good one!
more importantly… the skills required to be a good agent are demanding, and there are a only a handful that are really good, and tons of agents who are not. Being a good agent not only requires good technical knowledge… but savvy enough to overcome all the speed bumps that over regulation and excessive legal documentation require. Inspection reports and disclosure documents are a sellers and buyers nightmare and can undermine any deal. Sunday is fair and even handed and takes the emotion out of the transaction.
We were new to San Diego, and as empty nesters, we had eclectic tastes and were looking for a home that was … shall we say unique? Sunday has an opinion, and the experience to back it up… she is not afraid to speak her mind; and you should let her. In the long run she is right.
do your self a favor… call her…. hire her.. and good luck!

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