Jeffrey W.

I bought my first home 3 years ago with Sunday’s help. I have read some of the strings which question the authenticity of her reviews, but I would like to say that without her help I would not live in the home that I love so much. I think it is unsurprising that others have written similar positive reviews, because frankly she is very gifted at her job. She was recommended by friends in the real estate market who have worked with her and seen her interaction with many clients.

She was very adept at determining the qualities important to me in a home. She was a pleasure to work with, making the home search process entertaining. She helped navigate me through the pitfalls of making an appropriate offer, and she was always available if I had questions of concerns.

She understands that people are not buying a house, but finding their home. It is an important step in building one’s life. It is also a big decision. She acknowledges all these elements and truly wants to see you happy in your new home. She is realistic and never provided false hopes.

I would recommend her to anyone, and wouldn’t mind being contacted with any questions you might have, [email protected]. Good luck selling or finding your new home.

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